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Cub Scout Skits

cub scout skits

Cub Scout skits are among the many reasons that Cub Scouting is so much enjoyable. The Scouts do not recognize it, but their participation is also instructing them to be comfortable talking with a group.

You’ll find hundreds if you browse the web for Cub Scout skits. While not every one of them is appropriate anymore, there are several funny ones around that can be done before Cub Scouts.

Several of them are elaborate and also require props. Those are fun, yet if you resemble me, you may neglect to bring those props to your pack conference! So, I require simple and basic Cub Scout skits.

I’ve assembled this checklist of 20 Cub Scout skits that can be done without props as well as with little method.

Simple Cub Scout Skits

Skits can be as short as a minute or two or much longer and have only one individual talking or many talking components. Read on for an option of act concepts and some full-length spoof scripts you can utilize for many different events, groups, and also ages.

1. Boss, The Train!

cub scout skit tracking animar

This skit needs 2 actor Boy Scout tracking animals and the Rest of den serves as TRAIN.


  • 3 flashlights,
  • Other props as desired.

2 boys are strolling across the stage shining their flashlights on the ground as if they’re searching for something.

Boy scout #1 “Look! Bear tracks!”
Boy scout #2 (sarcastically) “There ain’t no bears around below. These are raccoon tracks.”
Boy scout #1 “Those are bear tracks”.
Boy scout #2 “They can’t be!”
Boy scout #1 “I know what bear tracks appear like as well as those are bear tracks”.
Boy scout #2 “Raccoon tracks!”
Boy scout #1 “Bear tracks!”
Boy scout #2 “Raccoon tracks!”

(Boys grab each other as well as begin to wrestle. As they are rolling about on the ground, the various other young boys go into making train noises the initial one carrying a flashlight to replicate the headlight of the train. Kids quit wrestling).
Boy scout #1 and #2 (Consider each other as well as say in unison.).

“Train tracks!”

(They raise and begin running as the train chases them unofficial).

2. The Catch Skit

cub scout play skit in garden

Humorously cub scout skits created acts connect with the children, as well as messages are presented in a light-hearted means. For very little ones, have them act out nursery rhymes, such as Jack as well as Jill.

Characters Needed:

  • 4 people
  • 3 playing guys fishing
  • One playing a young child that stands a small range far from the three guys.


  • Fishing poles suggested yet not required

The young kid reaches a fishing hole as well as includes his line and immediately catches a fish. The three males show shocks through motions \and body language. The boy casts his line 2 more times, each time pantomiming reeling in a fish. Now the 3 fishermen begin to go over the young boy’s catch, utilizing expressions such as:

  • “It’s just good luck.”
  • “Have to be where he is standing.”
  • “Wonder what he is using for a lure.”

Finally, the man closest to the young boy asks, “How come you have captured three fish as well as we have been fishing here because early morning and have not caught any?”

The kid reacts, “Ru raffra reep re rorms rarm.”

One more of the men poses, “He must be speaking an international language.”

The young boy attracts an additional fish, saying, “Ru raffra reep re rorms rarm.”

The child looks at them, acts to spit his bait right into his hand, as well as says, “You need to keep the worms warm.”

The 3rd male claims, “That’s disgusting.”

The kid pantomimes positioning the lure back in his mouth as well as go on angling.

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3. The Invisible Bench

the invisible bench skit

Many people have seen this skit before. We have included some variants to make the skit brand-new and also amusing.

This cub scout skit needs 4 to 8 campers, depending upon how long you desire the skit to last.

Camper #1 He walks onstage and also bows down as if he is remaining on an invisible bench.
Camper #2 Walks up to #1.
Camper #2 “Whatcha doin’?”.
Camper #1 “Simply remaining on this unnoticeable bench”.
Camper #2 “Can I join you? “.
Camper #1 “Sure”.
Camper #2 Sits down alongside #1.
Camper #3 Repeats the dialog. Each camper begins as well as repeats, making a long line of campers remaining on the bench.

The last camper walks up to a line of campers.
Last Camper “What are you guys doing?”.
All Campers “Just resting below on this invisible bench.”.
Last Camper “No, you aren’t. I moved the bench over there.” (Points). All the sitting campers drop.

For every variation, repeat the dialog over, transforming completion.

Variation #1

Last Camper “No, you aren’t. I moved the bench over there yesterday. (Points).”
Camper #1 “Yet, I moved it back here this morning!.”
Last Camper “Oh, ok! (As well as sits down with the rest).”

Variation #2

After the last camper says “Oh, ok! (As well as takes a seat with the rest).”
One more Camper enters “What are you guys doing?.”
All Campers “Remaining on this invisible bench.”
Another Camper “Oh no! I just obtained done painting that bench!.”
All Campers “AAAAGH! (Stand up and wipe the paint off backsides.).”

Variation #3

One more Camper “Oh no! I just got done painting that bench!.”
Camper #1 “Oh, that s ok. Most of us have our undetectable paint suits on. (All stand, and unzip the front of invisible fits and march.).”

4. Not Enough Parachutes Skit

This fun skit needs four campers to play the following components:

  • Pilot
  • President
  • Camper
  • Smartest Man in the World

Prep work: Align 4 chairs in a column laterally to the target market. These chairs function as seats on the airplane. The campers should be in the adhering to order: the camper at the back, then the clever man, as well as the President. The Pilot stands by the aircraft.

Pilot (to arriving guests) “Good mid-day. Please inform me that you are, so I can check our guest list.”
President (quite Importantly) “I am the Head of state of the United States.”
Pilot “Invite aboard, Mr. President. Please take a seat.” The Pilot repeats this for every traveler as well as they react as follows.
Smart Man (very Importantly) “I am the Smartest Man in the World. I’ve just been awarded this remarkable ‘Smart Guy’ honor and I am heading to my office to think about essential things.”
Camper “I am a Camper on my way to summertime camp.” (Or comprise something certain for your team.).
Pilot (after each passenger makes their action) “Invite aboard. Please take a seat.”.
Pilot (taking his seat) “This is your pilot. We are cleared for take-off. Please distort your seat belts and also enjoy the trip.”.

The airplane removes and everyone looks out the windows for a few seconds.

The pilot looks nervously at controls, taps instruments, and afterward addresses passengers: “I’m sorry to report that we have a major malfunction. The airplane is shedding elevation as well as we will certainly collapse in just a couple of mins. We will need to parachute to safety. Please follow me.”.

The Pilot rises and strolls to the back of the airplane with the Head of state, Smartest Man, as well as camper falling in line behind him.

The Pilot (counts parachutes and addresses guests) “I have much more trouble. We just have 3 parachutes.”.
President (pressing past pilot and also getting hold of a parachute) “I am the President! My nation needs me!” He jumps out.
Smart Man (pushing the previous pilot and getting a parachute) “I am the world’s, Smartest Man! I should live so I can do crucial points!” He jumps out.
Pilot (to camper) “Well, there’s just one chute left. You take it. I think the pilot will go down with his ship”.
Camper “There are 2 chutes left.”.
Pilot “Actually? Just how is that feasible?”.
Camper “Well, the Smartest Man on the planet just jumped out with my knapsack!”.

5. The Ghost With The Bloody Finger

hallowen cub scout skits

This skit was published in the issue of Baloo’s Bugle.

The terrific aspect of this Cub Scout skit is its adaptability with the variety of participants. You need a storyteller, a ghost, and a Cub Scout.

You can use as many of the adhering to personalities as you desire. If you just have 4 or 5 Cubs, utilize just that many. If you have more than 12, set them up to ensure that you have 2 pumpkins, 2 spiders, and so on.

  • Jack-o-lantern/Pumpkin.
  • Crawler.
  • Vampire.
  • Black Cat.
  • Skeletal system.
  • Monster.
  • Bat.
  • Monster.
  • Mommy.
  • Zombie.
  • Owl.
  • Witch/Warlock.
Storyteller “One evening a ghost was out strolling, as well as he fulfilled a jack-o-lantern”.
Ghost “I am the ghost with the bloody finger!”.
Jack-o-lantern Screams, and escapes.
Narrator “Next the ghost satisfied a spider.”
Ghost “I am the ghost with the bloody finger!”.
Spider Screams, as well as escapes.
Storyteller “Next the ghost satisfied vampire.”.
Ghost “I am the ghost with the bloody finger!”.
Vampire Screams, as well as escapes.

Continue for as several characters as you require.

Narrator “Then the ghost fulfilled a Cub Scout.”.
Ghost “I am the ghost with the bloody finger!”.
Cub Scout “Well, put a band-aid on it!”.

I hope you’ve appreciated these! I would love to find out about your favorite Cub Scout skit that you do during the Halloween season, so leave a remark below to allow us to understand!

6. Can’t Operate In The Dark Skit

cub scout skits campfire

You need 4 or even more scouts for this skit.

  • Leader
  • Cub Scouts

All scouts are making believe to rake leaves or dig with shovels. One scout simply stands there with his arm elevated right as if he were holding a lantern in his hand.

The leader strolls in. He approaches the Cub Scout who has his arm increased.

Leader “I’m paying you to function, not to simply stand around. Why aren’t you working?”
Cub Scout (with the arm elevated) “I’m a lightbulb!”
Leader “Reach function! When I return, if you aren’t working, you’re fired!”

Leader leaves, and also Cub Scouts remain to work. Then returns and sees the “lightbulb” Scout still standing with his arm elevated.
Leader “That’s it! You’re discharged! Go out!”

Scout drops his arm and also dejectedly leaves. As soon as he drops his arm, the rest check out, quit working and begin to leave.
Leader “Hey, why are you guys leaving? Get back to function!”
Cub Scouts“How? We can not operate in the dark!”

7. Clarence Slept Right Here

cub scout skits funny for lion and wolf

This skit needs 2 boy scouts and one parent like a mother or father.

For starters 2 young boys playing Nintendo.

Boy scout #1 “Clarence, I hear something. Is it raining?”
Boy scout #2 “Sure is”
Boy scout #1 “When you came over there wasn’t a cloud in the sky”.
Boy scout #2 “Sure wasn’t”.
Boy scout #1 “Wow! Look out the home window! It’s raining felines as well as canines!”
Boy scout #2 “Sure is”.
Mother “Clarence, I can’t allow you to go home in this storm. You’ll capture your fatality of cold”.
Boy scout #1 “Mom, can Clarence sleepover? Huh, can he? Please?”
Mother “Sure he can. You come upstairs with me very first and obtain your space straightened out up”.

(Mother as well as first Cub leave to go upstairs talking between themselves. Clarence leaves in another direction. Mom comes back and requires Clarence).
Mother “Clarence, I’ve got your bed all set … Clarences? Where are you?”
(Clarence is available in dripping wet).”You’re saturating wet! Where have you been?”.
Boy scout #2 (panting) I ran residence … to obtain … my pajamas.

8. Lost Money Skit

lost money skit for wolf and lion scout

This cub scout skit needs Several Cub Scouts. The first Cub is circling and also looking down at the ground.

Cub Scout #2 “What are you doing?”
Cub Scout #1 “I dropped my cash as well as I’m searching for it”.
Cub Scout #2 “Well, I’ll aid you to look”

Other Cubs turn up one by one and also ask him what he is doing. He tells them he shed his money and also the consent to assist look. At some point, there are numerous boys circling around seeking cash on the ground.

Last Scout “What are you doing?”
Cub Scout #1 “I’m trying to find the cash I shed”.
Last Scout “Where did you lose it?”
Cub Scout #1 “Down the street by those residences”.
Last Scout “Then why are you searching for it here?”
Cub Scout #1 “Because this is where the street light is”.

9. Is It Time Yet?

cub scout campfire skits and songs

This cub scout skits needs as many cub scouts as you have.

Firstly, the Cubs are pushing the ground, on their left side, using their left arm as a pillow, the right extended over the following individual’s shoulder.

(Both inquiries and also answers are repeated one by one by each person up and down the line.).

Cub Scout #1 “Is it time yet Paw?”
(Concern is duplicated up the line, one Cub each time.).
Last Cub “Not yet son”.
(Solution is repeated down the line, one Cub at once).
Cub Scout #1 “Is it time yet Paw?”
(Inquiry has repeated up the line, one Cub at once).
Last Cub “Not yet son”.
(Response is repeated down the line, one Cub each time.).
Cub Scout #1 “I really assume it’s time currently Paw”.
(Inquiry has duplicated up the line, one Cub each time).
Last Cub “Not quite yet kid”.
(Response is repeated down the line, one Cub at a time.).
(Finally, it’s time. Paw passes the message).
Last Cub “It’s time, is everyone all set?”
Cub Scout #1 “Yes, Paw!”
(Solution is duplicated up the line, one Cub at once.).
(After that in unison, they all rely on face to lay on their ideal sides, each using his best arm as a pillow and also putting their left arm across the next person’s shoulders.).

10. CPR Rescuers

cub scout skits rescuers for arrow of light

The last skit jus needs 3 cub scouts. Then setting Cubs are loafing checking out papers or magazines as if awaiting the bus ahead.

Cub Scout #1 (Unexpectedly orders his upper body as well as falls down on the ground.)
(All others gather around him)
Cub Scout #2 “Looks like he’s had a cardiac arrest!”
Cub Scout #3 “Sure does. Does anybody know MOUTH-TO-MOUTH RESUSCITATION?”
Cub Scout #2 “I do. I’m a Cub Scout”. (The 2 CUBS start to do CPR. One acts to do Rescue Breathing while the various other pretends to do chest compressions.).
Cub Scout #2 (After a while) “I’m getting tired. Allow’s turn”.
Cub Scout #3 “Alright Ready? Let’s change”.
(3rd Cub relaxes on the floor; the first Cub stands up and also starts doing Rescue Breathing and also the 2nd Cub starts doing upper body compressions.).

I wish you like as these enjoyable, as well as easy Cub Scout, acts! My preferred has to be the “We Have No Skit” skit. What’s your fave?

Share your preferred Cub Scout skits in a remark listed below!

I'm a Mechanical Engineer and lifelong Eagle Scout. My passion for scouting guides my writing, aiming to inspire fellow Scouts on their path. Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your journey to Eagle!