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Arrow of Light Ceremony

arrow of light ceremony – Arrow of Light ceremony is a great way to honor your Cub Scouts when they finish the requirements to gain the highest rank in Cub Scouting.

The Arrow of Light is likewise the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Scout BSA attire. The demands to gain the ranking can be found here.

Commonly, packs will certainly hold a unique ceremony to recognize the Cub Scout who has actually earned their Arrow of Light ranking.

These may consist of providing the Cub Scout with a plaque as well as a ceremonial arrowhead

Sample Arrow of Light Ceremony

You can locate lots of Arrow of Light ceremony by looking online. To make it a bit simpler for you, I’ve compiled my top checklists for you.

1. Arrow of Light Ceremony for All Rank

arrow of light ceremony for cub scout

This ceremony is attributed to the “Unidentified Scouter.” I discovered it on a currently deleted internet site.

Personnel Needed:

  • Cubmaster
  • Tiger Cub Scout
  • Wolf Cub Scout
  • Bear Cub Scout
  • Webelos Cub Scout
  • Arrow of Light Recipients
  • Parents of AoL Recipients

Tools Needed:

  • A large recreation of each of the five badges of ranking secured to standards or held by each Scout
  • Arrow of Light badges.
  • Some Arrow of Light certificates, if used
  • Arrow of Light plaques, if used
  • Arrow of Light ceremony or profession arrowheads, if used
  • Safety pins.

Planning Script AoL

Arrow of Light recipients and their parents go to the front of the room or on phase with the Cubmaster and also the Tiger, Wolf, Bear and also Webelos Scouts.

Cub Master“The highest rank in Cub Scouting is the Arrow of Light. You may ask, Just how does a Scout reach this high goal? Well, let the Cub Scouts promote themselves. Initially, a Tiger, (name).”
Tiger“I am a Tiger Cub Scout a new member of the pack. I am finding out the Scout Vow as well as the Scout Law and servicing my Tiger experiences.”
Cub Master“Next, (name), a Wolf.”
Wolf“As a Wolf Cub Scout. I have actually worked on Cub Scout journeys in the Wolf publication. I having great deals of fun in my den and pack as well as with my entire household as I make my Wolf badge.”
Cub Master“A Bear, (name).”
Bear “I am a Bear Cub Scout. I have actually been working on the Bear experiences with my den as well as my parents to earn my Bear badge.”
Cub Master“Next, (name), a Webelos.”
Webelos“As a Webelos Scout, I am finding out abilities that will aid me when I end up being a Scout BSA.”
Cub Master“To the moms and dads of each of these Webelos Scouts who have earned the ranking of Arrowhead of Light, I take fantastic satisfaction in providing the Arrow of Light badge for you to provide to your son, to make sure that he might wear it on his Webelos Scoutattire.”

The Arrow of Light Honor is put on centered on the flap of his left shirt pocket and later on his Scouts BSA attire. Wear them happily, Webelos Scouts, wear them well!


2. We’ll Be the Best Loyal Scouts

arrow of light ceremony for will be the best

This ceremony from the archived web site also credits the “Unidentified Scouter” as the author.

Personnel Needed:

  • Cubmaster
  • Arrow of Light recipients
  • Parents of AoL receivers
  • Webelos den leader
  • Webelos den chief

Tools Needed:

  • Arrow of Light badges
  • Arrow of Light certifications, if used
  • Arrowhead of Light plaques, if used
  • Arrow of Light ritualistic or job arrows, if utilized
  • Safety pins

Planning Script Loyal Scout

Cub Master“Tonight, we are assembled to recognize those Webelos Precursors who have made the Arrow of Light rank. It is an honor tonight to provide the Arrow of Light ranking to these Webelos Scouts. These Webelos Scouts have actually brought honor to the Webelos tribe.”

Parents, please stand behind your child.

( Pause until every person goes to the front.).

“you have actually had much to do with the progression of these Webelos Scouts. Do you believe them worthy of the Webelos people?”

Webelos Den Leader“We consider them worthwhile.”
Cub Master“Den Chief, are they worthwhile?”
Den Chief“They are.”

As you have actually worked together, your Webelos Scouts have actually discovered to do points, to be beneficial and also to value you. Our Webelos den leader will give the honors to you for discussion to your sons. (Webelos den leader provides badge and also safety pins to moms and dads.

( If you aren’t presenting plaques or arrows, skip this section) It is an honor for me to present to these Webelos Scouts arrowheads (or plaques). (Presents arrowheads or plaques)

Cub Master“Tonight, we are set up to honor those Webelos Scouts that have actually earned the Arrow of Light ranking. Webelos has a fantastic significance We’ll Be Faithful Scouts. It is an honor tonight to offer the Arrow of Light rank to these Webelos Scouts. These Webelos Scouts have brought honor to the Webelos tribe.( If you aren’t providing plaques or arrowheads, skip this area) It is an honor for me to offer to these Webelos Scouts arrows (or plaques).”

3. Eagle Feather Scout

arrow of light ceremony for rank eagle scout

Eagle Feather is part of a Ceremonies Book assembled by Ellen DeVilbiss.

Personnel Needed:

  • Akela (Cub Master).
  • Webelos den leader.
  • Arrow of Light recipients.
  • Parents of AoL recipients.

Tools Needed:

  • ” Eagle” Feather with Arrow of Light badges attached.
  • Drum.
  • Akela Outfit for Cubmaster to wear (optional).
  • Arrowhead of Light certificates, if utilized.
  • Arrow of Light plaques, if made use of.
  • Arrow of Light ceremony or occupation arrows, if used.
  • Safety pins.

Planning Script Eagle Feather

The Webelos Den Leader is in front of the presentation of the badge.

Webelos Leader“Tonight, we have our Arrow of Light ceremony. The Arrow of Light is the highest rank a Cub Scout can attain as well as is the only Cub Scout badge that can be worn on the Scouts BSA uniform.”

“Will the Arrowhead of Light recipients and their moms and dads please stepped forward? (Read names).”

“To help with this presentation, we would like to call on the excellent chief Akela, principal of all the Webelos. Before I can call the great chief we need to have complete silence. Let’s offer this excellent man the regard he deserves. (When the area is silent, beat the drum to bring in chief).”

Akela“Why have I been mobilized?”
Webelos Leader“Principal Akela, (check out names) prepare to get the Arrow of Light rank. Do we have your authorization to present this ranking?”
Akela“Do they have Scout spirit?”
Webelos Leader“Yes.”
Akela“(to Scouts) Elevate your right hand in the Cub Scouts sign and repeat the Scout Vow for all of those existing tonight.”
Scouts“(Repeat the Oath).”
Akela“Do you plan on measuring up to the points of the Scouts Legislation?”
Scouts“Yes, we do.”
Cub Master“You have actually battled the Bobcat, trapped the Tiger, outsmarted the sensible Wolf as well as battled the great Bear. Actually passed the trials of strength to join the magnificent Webelos tribe. Then you have actually climbed the wonderful mountain and also reached into the sky to grasp the Arrowhead of Light.”

“This is just one of the feathers you will put on in your battle bonnet as you remain to climb higher until you merit to skyrocket with the Eagle.” (Present plume with badge affixed to the Scouts).

“Scouts, please give the badge to your parents. Moms and dads, pin this badge on your boy. It is an honor to have you as participants of the Arrowhead of Light people. Take pride in your accomplishments.”

( Time out up until all badges are pinned on).

Webelos Leader“Please remain silent while the principal leaves us. (Drum defeats gently while chief leaves.).”

4. Scouting Circle of Brotherhood

arrow of light ceremonies for wolf lion bear webelos scout

This ceremony concerns us from MacScouter. Due to the fact that the Scouts can share some of their Cub Scout experiences, I like this ceremony.

Personnel Needed:

  • Cubmaster
  • Webelos den leader
  • Arrow of Light recipients
  • Moms and dads of AoL recipients

Tools Needed:

  • One 3 foot length of rope for each Cub Precursor
  • Arrowhead of Light badges
  • Arrow of Light certifications, if made use
  • Arrow of Light plaques, if made use
  • Arrow of Light ritualistic or profession arrowheads, if utilized
  • Safety pins

Planning Script Circle of Brotherhood

The Cubmaster and Webelos Den Leader are in front of the presentation of the award.

Cub Master“Will the following Cub Scouts and their parents please join their Den Leader and me?”

(Reveal names of precursors receiving the Arrowhead of Light and give them time to sign up with the Cubmaster. They should stand sideways).

Cub Master“Our Cub Scouts are guided to Cub Scouting’s highest rank by the Arrow of Light. The seven rays of the Arrow of Light represent wisdom, guts, self-discipline, justice, confidence, love, and hope.”(The Webelos Den Leader leads each scout individually with his parents to the Cubmaster).
Webelos Den Leader(Scouts name) has actually made his Arrow of Light.

(Cubmaster invites each Scout with a Cub Scout handshake.).

Cub Master“The Arrow of Light is very important. It’s the only Cub Scout badge that can be endured the Precursors BSA uniform. But, more vital than the badge itself is what you have discovered, the job you have actually done to help others and also the fun you have actually had earned it.”(Hand the pins as well as badges to the moms and dads).
Cub Master“Please pin the Arrow of Light on your kid’s attire.”(Permit time for parents to do so.).
Cub Master“The moms and dads might currently be seated.”(Hand a size of rope to each Scout.).
Webelos Den Leader“(name), can you inform me a memorable occasion or task you participated in as a Cub Precursor, or do you have some recommendations for the more youthful scouts?”(After each Scout replies, connect her rope to the rope of the Scout prior to her. The initial Scout will connect his rope to the last Scout’s rope to make a circle. The Arrow of Light Webelos needs to be depending on the outside of it.).
Cub Master“This circle represents the circle of brotherhood which is Hunting.”

“Congratulations! Webelos, you have currently finished your journey to the Arrow of Light. As you continue on your trip toward Scout BSA, strive to serve as the beaming instance that your Arrow of Light represents. Best of luck to you!”

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5. Webelos Candle Lighting

arrow of light ceremony for webelos scout

This ceremony from the archived web site likewise attributes the “Unidentified Scouter” as the writer.

Personnel Needed:

  • Akela/Cub Master
  • Arrow of Light Honor Prospect
  • Parents
  • 2 Webelos Scouts

Tools Needed:

  • Arrow of Light Ceremonial Board
  • Four red candles
  • Three White candles
  • Arrowhead of Light Honor Certification
  • Straight pins

Planning Script Webelos Candle Lighting

For setting Akela and also 2 Webelos Scouts stand at the left of candle lights, Prospect as well as moms and dads at right.

Webelos(lights 4 red candles) The four red candles represent Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, and also Scout. The Arrow of Light means development along the route from Bobcat cub Precursor to Scout the trail to great citizenship.
Webelos 2nd(Lights white candles): Webelos means, We’ll be loyal Precursors.” Commitment is just one of the essential things a Cub Scout means. He is loyal to his God, his country, and his home.
Akelas(To Arrow of Light Candidate) (Call), will you offer me the Cub Scout indication and repeat the Cub Scout Promise. The badge is used on his Cub Scout attire centered on the left t-shirt pocket.

(Moms and dad pins badge on attire).

I admire you, (Call), as a certified Webelos Scout. May you quickly understand the journeys of a Scout.

(Offer handshake to Webelos, trembles hands with moms and dads.).

Webelos(lights four red candles) The 4 red candles represent Bobcat, Wolf, Bear, as well as Scout. The Arrow of Light implies progression along the path from Bobcat Cub Scouts to Hunt the trail to great citizenship.
Akela(To Arrow of Light Prospect) (Name), will certainly you provide me the Cub Scout sign and also repeat the Cub Scout Guarantee.

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Arrow of Light Award Requirements

arrow of light ceremony requirement award

1. Be active in your Webelos den for at least 6 months given that finishing the 4th grade (or for at the very least 6 months since coming to be ten years old), as well as earn the Webelos badge.

2. Show your understanding of the demands to come to be a Police by doing all of these:

  • Repeat from memory and also discuss in your own words the Scout Vow or Pledge and also the 12 -points of the Scout Regulation. Inform just how you have exercised them in your everyday life.
  • Offer as well as explain the Scout slogan, slogan, sign, salute, as well as a handshake.
  • Comprehend the value of the Fabulous Scout badge. Describe its parts as well as inform what each stands for.
  • Tell just how a Boy Scout attire is different from a Webelos Scout attire.
  • Link the signing up with knot (square knot).

3. Gain 5 more task badges along with the three you already earned for the Webelos badge. These have to include: Resident, Health And Fitness, Readyman, Outdoorsman, and at least one from the mental skills group; one from the modern technology team; one more of your selection; plus another badge of your option that was currently earned for the Webelos badge.

4. With your Webelos den, browse through at least.

  • One Boy Scout army meeting, and also.
  • One Kid Scout-oriented exterior task.

( If you have actually already done this when you made your Outdoorsman activity badge, you might not utilize it to accomplish demands for your Arrowhead of Light Award needs.).

5. Participate in a Webelos overnight campout or day trek.

( If you have actually already done this when you earned your Outdoors type activity badge, you may not utilize it to meet needs for your Arrow of Light Honor demands.).

6. After you have completed all 5 of the above demands, as well as after a talk with your Webelos den leader, prepare to visit, with your moms and dad or guardian, a meeting of a Boy Scout army you think you may like to join. Have a conference with the Scoutmaster.

7. Total the Honesty Character Link.

  • Know: State the Cub Scout Pledge to your household. Go over these concerns with them. What is a promise? What does it mean to maintain your word? What does it mean to be credible? What does honesty imply?
  • Dedicate: Review these questions with your family. Why is a promise vital? Why is it important for people to trust you when you give your word? When might it be difficult to be truthful? List examples.
  • Practice: Discuss with a member of the family why it is important to be sincere and also credible. Just how can you do your best to be truthful even when it is challenging?

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I'm a Mechanical Engineer and lifelong Eagle Scout. My passion for scouting guides my writing, aiming to inspire fellow Scouts on their path. Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your journey to Eagle!