20 Cub Scout Games

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Scoutles.com – Activities on cub scout games can be an essential training tool. Whether you are teaching children, young adults, or grownups, individuals learn best when they have the chance to do, to participate, and to experience the principles being shown.

When more detects are entailed in the learning process, Research shows we discover best.

When teams take part in an activity, they have the chance to enhance learning through hearing, seeing, touching, as well as the mind is even more stimulated with social communication as well as strategy. Most notably, activities and also games are fun, so the students want to participate.

Here are some cub scout games that you can do together.

Cub Scout Games Ideas

cub scout games ideas

Cubs like games in which there is a sizeable aspect of good luck. They do not require rewards, neither do they seem to worry if the game is not completed.

They like games that restart virtually automatically, to make sure that every person is given a new opportunity. Cubs like games whereby they get the peace of mind that features repetition.

Here are some examples of cub scout games that you can use.

1Treasure hunt
2Turtle soccer
3Capture the flag
4Catch the dragon’s tail
5Funny telephone
6Tape tornado
7Hula hoop relay race
8Jigsaw challenge
9Obstacle course game
10pass the parcel

1. Treasure hunt game

cub scout play treasure hunt games

If you have a large area, like your yard as well as you’re thinking about fun birthday ready 3 years of age, then treasure hunt can be lots of terrific enjoyable.

While it may call for some prep work prior to the event itself, a Witch hunt can be optimal of the cub scout games if you’re attempting to start a conversation or to get your gamers to walk around as well as get rid of any kind of shyness, given that young children often tend to struggle with warming up during parties.

What you need:

  • Tiny mugs or containers for each and every kid
  • Lots of pieces of candies or little playthings
  • One major prize


  • Get imaginative with just how you hide them. Stick them under chairs, tables, behind the style, or in blossom setups.
  • As the event begins, advise your kids that you’ve hidden sweets and also other little playthings around the place.
  • Their task is to locate as many of the covert items as they can with the provided time.
  • When the time is up, collect all the participating children and also have them count the items of candy and playthings they took care of to locate.
  • Give each youngster a mug or container where they can keep all of the little pieces of sweet or playthings that they discover.
  • The child with one of the most gets to win the major reward.
  • Ensure to take into consideration the height of your gamers. Avoid hiding items in places where the kids may not be able to reach them.
  • Before the celebration begins, walk around the event area hiding sweets, lollipops, as well as any other little knick-knacks you have actually prepared.
  • Allow the youngsters go off on a treasure hunt.

2. Turtle soccer game

Every person stands in a circle encountering inward with feet spread out greater than shoulder-width apart. Outside of foot should touch beyond neighbor’s foot. Legs must be kept directly during gameplay.

Between your legs is your objective to secure. You can utilize your hands to bat the round far from your goal as well as into another scout’s goal. You can not toss the round or hold.

If the sphere goes in between your legs, you have to place one hand behind your back and currently just utilize one hand for guarding your objective.

If the sphere goes between your legs once again, you are out of the circle, and also the game adjusts to complete your space.

Play up until there are only 2 precursors left or have them play directly throughout from each other.

What you need:

  • Soccer or volleyball or nerf ball

3. Capture the flag game

This classic outside cub scout games is everything about teamwork. The goal is to discover the other group’s flag as well as bring it back to your side without being labeled.

What you need:

  • Any type of huge exterior area
  • 10 or more individuals
  • Two brilliantly tinted “flags.” These can be almost anything– a neckerchief, Frisbee or ball.
  • Rope to divide the playing field
  • Hula-Hoop, cones, rope or some other markers for “jail” areas

Safety First: Clear the playing area of any hazardous challenges or dangers. Have a single person work as the “judge” to guarantee everyone plays by the rules. When there is lots of daylight, play.

Setting up the game:

  • Split right into two groups.
  • Be sure there are plenty of obstacles (trees, rocks, bushes) where the flags can be hidden. Separate the field into two zones (like a football or soccer field), separating the sides with a centerline. Each side should likewise feature a “jail” for the player who is tagged.
  • Give each group a “flag.” Any kind of brilliant item (Tees, spheres, bandannas) will certainly work.
  • Each team conceals its flag somewhere on its side of the field.


  • The objective of the game is for every group to catch the various other group’s flag as well as take it back to its area.
  • Some players must try to catch the various other team’s flags. Other players should safeguard your group’s flag.
  • If participants of the various other team enter your team’s area, you can send them to “jail” by labeling them. Players can be devoid of prison when a teammate touches them.
  • A team wins by capturing the other group’s flag and taking it back to its zone.

Be sure there are plenty of obstacles (trees, rocks, bushes) where the flags can be concealed. Choose positions for your team’s players. Some players must attempt to catch the various other group’s flag. Other players need to protect their team’s flag.

If participants of the various other group enter your group’s area, you can send them to “prison” by marking them.

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4. Catch the dragon’s tail

This traditional Chinese game is excellent fun for the play area. You will need a huge team of children – at the very least 10, however the, even more, the merrier! The youngsters can be any type of age.

The youngsters all create a line with their hands on the shoulders of the youngster in front. The initial in line is the dragon’s head, the last in line is the dragon’s tail.

The dragon’s head then tries to capture the tail by maneuvering the line around to ensure that he can identify the last player. All the players in the center do their ideal to prevent the dragon’s head. Do not let the line break!

When the head catches the tail, the tail gamer takes the front position as well as becomes the new dragon’s head. All the various other players move back to one setting.

What you need:

  • Handkerchief for each dragon
  • Cones for the boundaries


  • Split right into 2 or 3 teams and afterward have the groups enter a single file line. Larger groups can divide into groups of 6 or greater.
  • Have each team placed their arms around the individual’s waist before them? You are going to create a train.
  • The individual in the rear puts the handkerchief in the back pocket or places in down their trousers to ensure that the bandana hanging around.
  • The thing of the game is for each dragon to relocate as one system towards one more dragon. They will certainly attempt to capture the opposing group’s handkerchief.
  • When they catch the dragon’s scarf, they link up with the other dragon and remain to go after other dragons, while securing their very own tail.

5. Telephone game

cub scout play telephone games

The Telephone Game is familiar to numerous individuals, as it has actually been around for years. The game stays popular because it can be played by any age as well as in lots of circumstances.


  • Getting going. Players should sit in a circle or stand in a straight line. They require to be close enough that whispering is possible, but not so close that players can hear each other murmur.
  • Start the Game. The very first individual in the line or circle whispers a word or phrase right into the ear of the person resting or standing to their right.
  • The Game Continues. Players murmur the phrase to their neighbors till it reaches the last player in line.
  • The Conclusion. The last player says the word or expression out loud so everyone can listen to how much it has actually changed from the very first murmur at the start of the circle or line.


  • The word or phrase can just be whispered when, so players have to pay very close attention.
  • Words or expressions ought to never be as well acquainted; you intend to ensure it changes as it is whispered.
  • Only one gamer the very first need to know what words or phrase is. The facilitator of the game might desire to have the original phrase or word made a note of.

6. Tape tornado game

cub scout play tape tornado games

Place a 3 feet or longer (depending upon the child’s age) line of tape on the flooring, one line for each child playing.

Make sure to add a few feet between each payer. Go down a cotton ball or pom at the start of each gamer’s line. Give the old’ “on your mark, ready … GO!” and have each child attempt and also blow their cotton round or pom to the end of their line– no touching! The initial child to do so wins.

What you need:

  • Colored tape
  • Cotton balls or pom poms

7. Hula hoop relay race

cub scout play hula hoop relay games

Divide team right into 2 groups, Each group sign up with hands to create a circle. Loop a hula hoop over one player’s arm. Without letting go of the other player’s hands, he must enter and with the hoop so it rests on his various other arms.

Then he can slide it onto the following gamer’s arm as well as she has to repeat the same maneuver. Whichever group can pass the hoop right around the circle first, without letting go of each others’ hands, is the winner?

What you need:

  • Hula hoop
  • Space for kids to play

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8. Jigsaw challenge

cub scout play jigsaw callenge games

Older kids will certainly enjoy this relay race. Acquisition cost-effective 50 piece jigsaw puzzles with the exact same picture one for each team. The objective is to take one item of the puzzle from the box as well as run to a table.

The player can do so if the item can be assembled right into the final problem image. Each employee must take a puzzle item.

This continues until all the problem pieces get on the problem and the table is constructed. If a group desires to do so, they can move all the pieces and then select one team member to put together the problem.

9. Obstacle course game

cub scout play obstacle course games

Children like to roll around and explore their little bodies, which is why obstacle training courses are a usual favorite among educators and also parents.

Establish a great little course for your kids to run through and give rewards away to your winners for an enjoyable, very easy, and healthy and balanced ready your three years of age as well as her pals.

What you need:

  • Household products and furniture that you can make use of to create a secure barrier program
  • A timer


  • You can have just two players for your challenge course. Consider dividing them upright into teams so youngsters can take turns running the course if you have more than two players.
  • Set-up your challenge course. Have the youngsters stroll on the tape like a tightrope. If a youngster actions off of the line, then have them begin once again from the start of that station.
  • Set up your obstacle program. Just make certain everything is safe. Set up a table for your gamers to creep under Place concerning 4 feet of product packaging tape on the floor in a single straight line.
  • Have the youngsters stroll on the tape like a tightrope. Have them start once again from the beginning of that terminal if a youngster actions off of the line.
  • Mark out 4 X’s on the ground with tape. Have the youngsters hop from X to X without losing balance. Have them carry 3 huge pillows without dropping any type of to reach the final station of the program.
  • In the end, set up a small table with a straightforward 6-piece jigsaw problem. The first youngster to finish the program wins the round.

Let youngsters take turns undergoing the program, and also make sure they all put on non-slip socks to stop any crashes.

10. Pass the parcel

This well known traditional birthday party game is favored with the more youthful age-group, although we have actually discovered that really little ones do not comprehend that they need to pass the parcel on and also have actually endured an embarrassing tantrum or two, therefore!

What you need:

You will certainly need a present involved at the very least as numerous layers of gift wrap as there are youngsters at the event. it can save by utilizing building and construction paper or paper for the very early layers.

Then you might such as to add a small delicious chocolate bar or roll of sugary foods (sweet) to each layer if you are playing with very young children. Also, it requires a CD player or similar.


Sit the children in a circle as well as give the here and now to the birthday celebration youngster. Begin the music. The kids pass the parcel around the circle to the child on their left as long as the music continues.

When it stops, the youngster holding the parcel reverses one layer or wrapping (as well as, if you have actually included them, takes a reward). The last layer will certainly open up to reveal the reward.

This game is very popular but needs close supervision with younger children. Some are reluctant to pass the parcel at all and may need some encouragement! You will also need to make sure that the music stops in such a way that everyone gets a turn, and (preferably) so that the birthday child doesn’t win the prize!

It is helpful to memorize the last layer of wrapping paper so that you can make sure a suitable child wins the prize perhaps the youngest child or the shyest child.

Cub Scout Indoor Games

cub scout play indoor games

1Scout law
2Freeze dance
4Initial game
5Let’s roll game

1. Scout law game

cub scout play scout law games

Learning the Scout Legislation is going to be much more pleasurable with a Scout Law game. This game helps Recruiters know all twelve points of the law so as.

The concept is actually to possess each aspect of the Scout Regulation written on a separate art stick. Jumble the designed places as well as toss them on the table. Scouts at that point require to put all of them in order. It is actually a challenge of varieties.

For a fun variety, make numerous collections as well as blend all of them together. Possess the team’s ethnicity against each other to find that they can obtain all twelve points of the Scout Legislation in the proper purchase, to begin with.

For a much more tough variation, include some words which are actually certainly not a portion of the Scout Law – happy, grateful, punctual, organized, etc.

What you need:

  • 12 craft sticks per set
  • sharpie


  1. Compose one point of the Scout Legislation on each stick. (trustworthy, devoted, practical, friendly, respectful, kind, loyal, pleasant, thrifty, brave, tidy, reverent).
  2. Mix the sticks as well as throw all of them on a table.
  3. Possess the Scouts put the placed with each other in the proper order.

2. Freeze dance game

Turn up the songs as well as dance and then, cease the songs as well as freeze in location. Keep that position for a couple seconds and then switch the popular music back on.

Repeat. This is actually a wonderful activity to obtain energy out at first, or pass the time at the end! The silliest position wins.

3. Quicksand game

Set two even routes of cushions (or even towels or even newspaper 5 or additional every route) on the floor.

The cushions should be at least a foot apart coming from each various other (a lot more or even less, relying upon the youngsters grows older) and also the 2 tracks ought to be actually far sufficient apart that the little ones do not run right into each other.

Any kind of youngster that contacts the flooring gets pulled down into the mire (in fact, they only need to begin from the start of the route once more).

You’ll desire to use one thing other than cushions for your stepping stones if you’ll be participating in Mire outside! Newspapers would certainly work wonderful, yet you may require to collect some stones to anchor all of them if it’s windy.

What you need:

  • Pillows that can be stepped upon (or towels or newspaper)

4. Initial Game

Select a word with at the very least 5 letters as well as have each youngster write words down the left edge of the webpage, one letter under yet another. Now have one little one choose a group.

Offer every person 5 mins (or even more for much younger children) to create down as a lot of words related to that type as they can, starting with the characters in the term along the.

For example, compose words ‘oyster’ down the left edge of the page, each letter on its own pipe. If the type is creatures, little ones must write one creature whose title starts with “o” (octopus), one more whose title starts along with “y” (yearling), an additional that begins with “s’ (salmon) and so on. Rating one point for each and every title the youngster thinks of. Two points for each name no person regulars.

What you need:

  • A piece of lined newspaper for each
  • A marker or pencil for each kid

5. Let’s roll game

roll dice games

Steps of cub scout games are very easy, firstly one child rolls the dice. Then they need to put the dice in order to make the highest number possible. For example, if they rolled a 2, 4 and 5, the highest number they could make would be 542.

Have them write the number down and pass the dice to the next player. Each player takes a turn rolling the dice and putting them in order to make the highest number they can. The child who has the highest number of wins.

What you need:

  • 3 dice
  • Paper for each child
  • Pencil for each child

Those are just a few examples of cub scout games that you can do indoors.

Cub Scout Outdoor Games

outdoor games for cub scout

2Island rivalry
3Ping pong air hockey
4Spud game
5Mystery object game

1. Rattlesnake game

outdoor games activity

If you need an exciting, simple activity to accomplish after an easy activity, energize your young boys with the Rattlesnake game!

A dairy container or a paper bag is the rattlesnake. Or even if you left behind the milk carton in your home like I carried out, search in your supply can as well as grab something that has to do with the very same dimension to utilize.

Put your rattlesnake on the flooring, and have the kids create a circle it. Each child will definitely comprehend his neighbor’s palms.

When the game starts, each kid is going to try to require his neighbors to touch the rattlesnake while avoiding it themself.

Whenever a young boy touches it, he acquires a factor. At the end of the video game, the boy with the minimum number of points is the winner.

2. Island rivalry game

cub scout island rivaly game

Island rivalry is actually a modification of traditional tug of war which not only calls for toughness but likewise agility as well as balance. This game pertains for any ages coming from Cub Scouts to Scouts BSA to Venturers.

Young people consistently take pleasure in an excellent game of tug of war, yet the young boys and also females that are actually a lot bigger consistently possess a large advantage.

This model seemed to also traits out, along with the smaller youth possessing an odds at winning likewise. The tip is actually that sets of recruiters stand on “isles” while playing contest of strength. Dexterity and equilibrium are actually needed to have merely as much as durability.

What you need:

  • 1 five-gallon paint pail for every scout
  • 1 rope (concerning 25 feet) for every pair of precursors


  1. Pair off the scouts. This game is played one-on-one.
  2. Give each scout a 5-gallon bucket and have them place them upside-down around 15 feet far from each other.
  3. Have them stand on their buckets and also hold an end of the rope.
  4. When all set, they each start pulling on the rope, attempting to pull the various other ones off of the bucket.
  5. If among them falls off of the pail, the other one is the winner.
  6. If one of them drops the rope as well as the various other draws it so he reaches his opponent’s end, then the one with the rope is the champion.

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3. Ping pong air hockey

cub scout playing games

Place a scout on each end of the table or 1 scout on each side or 2 precursors on each side. Spot the ping pong reception in the center of the table.

The object is actually to blow the ball off any type of side of the table however your own. (So 2 scouts, therefore you should blow it off the back). You might not touch the ball or table with any kind of body system part or even clothes.

Credit rating 2 scores if the sphere decreases your side of the dining table. If you touch the round or even table, credit rating 1 point. Scout or even crew along with the most affordable score after a time frame is actually the champion.

What you need:

  • Card table
  • Ping pong ball
  • 2, 4, or 8 scouts

4. Spud game

playing spud games

Every scout is appointed a number from 1 to the number of players. Players form a close circle with one scout in the center that has the sphere.

The scout tosses the ball straight up as high as possible and also shouts out a number.

Every person spreads other than the scout whose number was called. That scout catches or selects up the ball. As quickly as the scout has the sphere, they yell “SPUD” and every person must freeze.

The scout with the sphere can then use up to 3 huge actions in the direction of any scout desired. The scout throws the ball at the target scout.

Target precursors can relocate all parts of their bodies to dodge the toss – other than their feet. Precursors that are struck obtain S or else the thrower gets S.

Everybody gets back in a circle and whichever scout got a letter reaches toss the ball up for the next round.

When precursors reach S-P-U-D, they are out of the game. Or, after a set time, the person with the least letters is the champion.

What you need:

  • Any soft sphere that won’t injure when it hits someone

5. Mystery object game

plying mystery object games

This game is optimal for 5 to seven children. Blindfold one kid and also make him stand in the edge. Select things that need an elaborate summary for identification.

Then, ask the remainder of the kids to define the attributes of the item individually to the blindfolded child. (No duplicating what one more kid claimed!) The blindfolded kid can ask concerns for additional hints and also eventually think of the item.

When the hunch is right, change which kid gets blindfolded and also select a new object. Continue having fun until everybody has a turn.

What you need:

  • A scarf or other material to use as a blindfold
  • Various objects

Benefits of Playing Cub Scout Games

cub scout games benefits

It’s simple to believe that play is nothing but amusement for our youngsters, yet it is actually a great deal more. In this blog post, I showed to you the 6 important benefits of play cub scout games. All of these are actually vital to a kid’s progression.

  1. Bodily – When kids are actually involved in the energetic play, they are actually practicing motor, synchronization and equilibrium abilities. Physical play helps them create practices causing an energetic lifestyle as adults.
  2. Mental – Kids aren’t birthed understanding how to reveal and also regulate their feelings such as fear and also aggressiveness. Through playing make-believe games, little ones may know to self-regulate their feelings.
  3. Social – Social capabilities such as sharing and also sympathy are actually practiced in the course of collaborative play.
  4. Communication – Participate in offers kids an opportunity to practice their interaction skills, both spoken and also non-verbal.
  5. Cognitive – Participate in helps children strengthen their reasoning and also thinking skills.
  6. Imaginative – Play cultivates a child’s imagination whether they are actually creating a brand new Minecraft world or even creating a barrier course for their close friends.

These are just some of the many examples of cub scout games that you can search from various sites.

I'm a Mechanical Engineer and lifelong Eagle Scout. My passion for scouting guides my writing, aiming to inspire fellow Scouts on their path. Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your journey to Eagle!