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Cub Scout Flag Ceremony

simple cub scout flag ceremony – Holding a Cub Scout flag ceremony is one of the ways that we show our children patriotism so that they can end up being good citizens when they’re grownups. This is among the largest advantages of being involved in Cub Scouting.

Both Wolf and Arrow of Light Cub Scouts have experiences that entail a Cub Scout flag ceremony.

When should we have a cub scout flag ceremony?

Directly, I assume that almost every Cub Scout event must begin with a flag ceremony. Boxed conferences, workspace conferences, as well as also Cub Scout Day camps all begin with the flag ceremony as well as the Promise of Allegiance to the flag.

In some cases, your nesting location might not have a flag. Even though nobody carried in the flag, the Scouts still had the chance to claim the Promise of Loyalty.

Cub Scout Flag Ceremony Planning

cub scout flag ceremonial planning

There are a few things that you should do before your Cub Scout flag ceremony:

First, ensure the flag isn’t also hefty especially if some of the younger Cubs are lugging it. When the Scouts participate in our neighborhood Veteran’s Day ceremony, we purchased these harnesses to use. I did not try it during an interior ceremony, I’ll bet they would work to assist the younger youngsters to lug the flag during your event.

The second thing you want to do is check the ceiling height. The youth group room at the church where our Kid Scout troop meets has a truly low ceiling.

We made use of to conduct a flag event for our elementary school assembly. The institution’s ceilings in the hall where we gathered and also in the fitness center where the assembly was held are plenty tall. Yet the entrance to get involved in the gym wasn’t. When the Scouts whacked the doorway with the flagpole much more than!.

Make sure you discuss this to the flag holders to ensure that they’ll understand just how to hold the flag at an angle.

Do not neglect to put the flag stands at the front of the area. If they aren’t the same dimension, see to it the one for the American flag goes on the left.

Our troop’s flag post is a different size, and the hole in the stand is smaller than the American flag post.

Lastly, make certain the Cubs know the path that they’re to take. Having a fast flag ceremony rehearsal will certainly assist the youngsters to feel certain as they are presenting our nation’s colors if you can.

Bridging Ceremonies

cub scout bridging ceremonies

Bridging is an essential change in a Boys Scout’s life. When a boy ends up being aware of her achievements and also is prepared for new experiences as well as responsibilities, it’s a specifying moment.

Commemorating this change must be fun, individualized, as well as unforgettable for everyone involved. And also most importantly, it needs to be created by the boys in real partnership with grownups.

Connecting events typically take place at the start or end of the Boy Scout year and also can have three components:

  • Opening: Guests rate and the tone is established.
  • Main section: The ceremony is explained and also the boys celebrate relocating from one level to the next.
  • Closing: Women can join friendship circles and thank their visitors

Each of the ceremony parts supplies plenty of room for the boy’s creativity and also uniqueness. The ceremony must constantly focus on paying tribute to Lady Scouts as they progress.

Flag Ceremony Terms

  • Color Holder: The color bearer is the individual who brings the flag as well as puts it on the post or in the stand. There is one shade bearer for every flag utilized in the event. The color holder ought to hold the staff (pole) at a 30 ° angle before the body or hold folded up the flag (with factor far from the body) before the body at the waistline level.
  • Color Guard: The color guard is a team that protects as well as safeguards the flags. Any even variety of guards may be made use of, however, normally four or six women suffice. Since this needs full focus, the participants do not take part in any type of part of the flag ceremony (singing, talking, etc.), but stand calmly “At Interest”
  • Caller: The caller is an assigned Lady Scout who calls each command or reveals or part of the ceremony.
  • Line Leader: Usually part of an outside color guard, the line leader will certainly lead the target market into/out of the desired formation (generally a horseshoe form in Girl Scouts).

Cub Scout Roundtable

roundtable cub scout flag ceremony

In some cases, I fret that we anticipate our youngsters to understand just how to act during a Cub Scout flag ceremony even though we may not have clarified it to them.

We provide the Cub Scout salute if we are in uniform. Uniform doesn’t just indicate our blue or tan t-shirts. A tee-shirt from day camp or our army t-shirt additionally counts as an attire, so make sure you praise when you’re wearing those also.

Leave it on even inside if you’re wearing a consistent hat. The exception to this is if you remain in a spiritual institution where customized prohibits wearing a hat indoors. This is from the Guide to Honors and Insignia.

Put your hand over your heart if you aren’t in attire. If you’re putting on a hat, remove it even if you’re outdoors.

The members of the color guard do not admire or say the Promise if the United States flag hasn’t been posted yet. This was something I learned when I was doing the study for the flag rules games. The reason is that their work is to guard the flag and secure whatsoever times.

The U.S. flag needs to be posted on the left as you look toward the front of the area. During the discussion of the shades (when the Precursors are walking toward the front of the space). The United State flag must be to the right, as well as the pack flag must be to the left.

When the color guard gets to the front of the audience, the bearer of the American flag and also its guards will go across to the left, as well as the pack flag holder and guards will certainly cross to the right.

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Cub Scout Opening Flag Ceremony

Have among the Cub Scouts serve as the caller or narrator. If an adult was standing near them at the front of the room. We discovered that the majority of Scouts felt a lot more comfortable.

If they have it memorized, I think it’s a great idea for the customer to always have a published duplicate of the manuscript even. Being in front of the target market may make them just worried adequate to neglect.

Below you’ll discover a printable flag event cheat sheet that you can give to your caller.

The color guard will stand at the rear of the space. Then the customer stands at the front of the room. The Cubmaster or various other leader reveals the Cub Scout indicator to get everybody’s focus.

roundmap opening cub scout flag ceremony

Opening Flag Ceremony Script

“Color guard, attention. Will the audience please rise?”Pause to give the audience time to stand up.
“Color guard, advance. Scout salute.”Scouts carry the United States & Pack or den flags walking double file and stand near the flag stands. Remember, the color guard members don’t salute. The pack flag is lowered a bit so that the U.S. flag is taller. Those in uniform do a hand salute. Every person else positions their hand on their heart.
“Please join me in the Pledge of Allegiance.” Everyone except the color guard says the Pledge.
“Two.”Everyone drops their salute.
“Color guard, post the colors.”Guards place the flags in the stands and salute the American flag.
“Color guard dismissed.”The color guard walks to the back of the room.

Video Cub Scout Flag Ceremony Rehearsal

Cub Scout Closing Flag Ceremony

Just like the opening flag ceremony, your caller must be at the front of the area, and the color guard must be at the back of the area.

You’ll possibly want to ask the target market to stand and say it prior to you bring the color guard to focus if you are going to state the Scout Law. The illustration below is the closing of the Cub Scout Flag Ceremony.

illustration closing cub scout flag ceremony

Closing Flag Ceremony Script

“Color Guard, Advance”The Color Guard goes to the front of the room and stands next to the flags, with the same number at each flag.
“Color Guard, Retrieve the Colors. Scout Salute”The Color Guard removes the flags from their stands and proceeds out of the room double-file as shown in the diagram. Those in uniform do a hand salute. Everyone else places their hand on their heart.
“Two, color guard dismissed.”Everyone stops saluting.

Flag Ceremony Etiquette

cub scout flag ceremony etiquette

1. Flag ceremonies ought to be respectful and customized to the Scouts participating

All Scout flag events should be solemn events, but they shouldn’t all be the same.

For Tigers, plan a flag ceremony that’s easy and also short. The older Cub Scouts, add a couple of even more lines.

Boy Scouts suggest the boys plan something extra sophisticated as well as deeper insignificance, probably with added comments by an adult or an extra elderly Scout.

2. Don’t ever let the flag touch anything under it

The flag should never touch anything beneath it, such as the ground, the flooring, water or product.

Contrary to a city legend, the U.S. Flag Code does not state that a flag that touches the ground ought to be burned or retired.

3. Never ever include anything to an American flag

The American flag is terrific sufficient as it is. That’s why the flag “ought to never ever have placed upon it, neither on any part of it, nor attached to it any type of mark, insignia, letter, word, figure, design, photo, or illustration of any nature.”

Simply put, leave it be.

4. The flag isn’t to be worn as a costume

No part of the flag must ever before be utilized as an outfit or athletic uniform. However, a flag patch might be attached to the uniform of army employees, firemen, police officers as well as participants of patriotic organizations, like the BSA.

The flag spot worn on Scout uniforms and the flag spot worn on fatigue clothes deal with different methods.

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5. The flag occupies a position of honor

When carried in a procession, the American flag is to:

  • The marching right of other flags,
  • or in front of other flags.

When displayed, the American flag:

  • Should be to the flag’s own right (the target market’s left).
  • As grouped with other flags, (i.e., state, Scout, council, etc.), should be at the facility, before or higher than the other flags.
  • When with another flag on crossed teams, it should be on the flag’s very own right, and its team must be in front of the team of the various other flags.
  • When with the flags of 2 or even more countries, it must be flown from separate teams of the same height. International usage forbids the display screen of the flag of one country over that of an additional country in times of peace.

6. Do so in a sensible way when it’s time to retire a flag

When the United States Flag becomes used or scruffy, it should be disposed of by burning. If you like, your neighborhood American Legion or Veterans of Foreign Wars can educate your boys on the correct protocol or help carry out the flag ceremony.

This is a really solemn ceremony and also must be finished with miraculous respect as well as reverence for the flag to be retired. Explain this ceremony and also its function completely to the ladies so that they do not go residence and also tell their parents that they “burned a flag at Boy Scouts!”

The flag, when it remains in such a problem that it is no more a suitable emblem for display, ought to be destroyed in a dignified means, ideally by burning.

7. The flag may be shed as a whole or separated right into pieces

Separation is appropriate when the flag is large, or when you have just a couple of flags and a lot of Precursors who wish to take a substantive part in the ceremony.

8. The flag needs to be reduced daily

Unless the flag pole is lighted, it should be lowered at sundown. Once more, unique care needs to be taken that no part of the flag touches the ground.

9. Fold up the American flag appropriately

In this country, we have a unique method we fold our flag. The American flag, as well as only the American flag, is folded into a triangular.

10. A folded flag is carried against the chest

An effectively folded flag ought to reveal just a triangular blue area of celebrities unlike the one in the stock photo above. The flag, when folded, is then carried held against the chest with the arms folded up and went across versus the chest. The triangular punctuates.

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I'm a Mechanical Engineer and lifelong Eagle Scout. My passion for scouting guides my writing, aiming to inspire fellow Scouts on their path. Thanks for reading, and best wishes on your journey to Eagle!