Eagle Required Merit Badges Rank
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13 Eagle Required Merit Badges

Scoutles.com – It’s clear, some Eagle-required merit badges are more challenging to make than others. If you have…
Astronomy Merit Badge Guides
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Astronomy Merit Badge Guide

Scoutles.com – In learning about astronomy merit badge, you will study how activities in space affect your own…
Rifle Shooting Merit Badge Guide
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Rifle Shooting Merit Badge

Rifle Shooting Merit Badge – The shooting sports are a popular recreational activity in America. Many people enjoy…
art merit badge guide
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Art Merit Badge Guide

Scoutles.com – Art may be a hard as well as improving lifetime pursuit, yet it can additionally be…
kayaking merit badge guide
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Kayaking Merit Badge Guide

Kayaking Merit Badge – Kayaking has become one of the fastest-growing paddlesports in the United States. An estimated…