Communication Merit Badge Guide

communication merit badge – The capability to connect plainly and efficiently is vital for achieving success in the ‘real-life’. To gain the Eagle-required Communication merit badge, you’ll require to examine your very own communication methods, deliver a speech, perform an interview, arrange an occasion, and far more!

In this overview, I’ll be assisting you to finish the Communication merit badge jobs as well as answer all of the knowledge requirements so that you can complete the worksheet and gain your following merit badge!

Personally, I felt Communication was one of the hardest Eagle-required badges.

Communication Merit Badge Requirements

communication merit badge requirements

Now it’s time to begin. Extensively reviewed each requirement of the Communication merit badge. I’ll be aiding you to plan your tasks and also boost your communication skills so that you can gain this vital Eagle-required badge!

1. Do one of the following choices

A. For one day, keep a log in which you describe your communication activities. Keep track of the time and different ways you spend communicating, such as talking person-to-person, listening to teachers, the radio, or podcasts, watching television, using social media, reading books and other print media, and using any electronic communication device. Discuss with your counselor what your log reveals about the importance of communication in your life. Think of ways to improve your communications skills.
B. For three days, keep a journal of your listening experiences. Identify one example of each of the following, and discuss with your counselor when you have listened to:
– Obtain information
– Be persuaded
– Appreciate or enjoy something
– Understand someone’s feelings
C. In a small-group setting, meet with other scouts or with friends. Have them share personal stories about significant events in their lives that affected them in some way. Take note of how each scout participates in the group discussion and how effectively each Scout communicates their story. Report what you have learned to your counselor about the differences you observed in effective communication.
D. List as many ways as you can think of to communicate with others (face-to-face, by telephone, letter, e-mail, text messages, social media, and so on). For each type of communication discuss with your counselor an instance when that method might not be appropriate or effective.

D. List as many ways as you can think of to communicate with others

List as many ways as you can think of to communicate with others (face-to-face, by telephone, letter, e-mail, text messages, social media, and so on). For each type of communication discuss with your counselor an instance when that method might not be appropriate or effective.

If you’re attempting to gain the Communication merit badge promptly, demand 1d is the way to go. Listed below I’ve given a listing covering a number of the different ways you can connect with others.

While reading, brainstorm a couple of other approaches of communication that you can later go over with your counselor.

Communication MethodsMethod BenefitsTimes Method Isn’t Effective
Face to FaceThe ideal approach of communication. Good for supplying vital or sensitive information.Interacting long-lasting or long-distance.
Video ChattingSpeaking about important matters face-to-face over a long distance. Building familiarity.Talking in crowded locations or at places with a poor internet connection.
Phone Call Listening to the various other individual’s voice. Quickly catching up on important events.Incapable to see that you’re speaking with. Might not be optimal for vital discussions.
Email Crafting thoughtful messages. A reply ought to be sent out within two days.Slow-moving reply timeline as well as not valuable for urgent issues.
Text Message Medium to fast action time. Able to send messages and photos.Messages are completely saved. Messages can be misunderstood.
Letters Very appreciated and significant to the recipient. Letters can be kept forever.Extremely slow reply timeline. Letters set you back cash to send and also can be shed by the post office.
Tagging in Memes Reveals that you were thinking about the recipient. Relatable and frequently amusing.Dank memes can not change real communication. Sometimes not helpful.

Currently, it’s time to assume outside package and also come up with a few of your very own communication methods! Various types of communication work for delivering different messages.

While finishing the remainder of this merit badge, take into consideration how you can use various methods of communication to even more incredibly convey your factor.

You additionally have the option to do any among these other needs. Job on the task you really feel could educate you the most in the long run if you’re not pushed for time!

Use communication on a daily basis of your life, so it’s absolutely an ability worth boosting.

2. Do one of the following two choices

A. Think of a creative way to describe yourself, using, for example, a collage, short story or autobiography, drawing or series of photographs, or a song or skit. Using the aid you created, make a presentation to your counselor about yourself.
B. Choose a concept, product, or service in which you have great confidence. Build a sales plan based on its good points. Try to persuade the counselor to agree with, use, or buy your concept, product or service. After your sales talk, discuss with your counselor how persuasive you were.

I ‘d advise you total requirement B, and also produce an influential discussion on a principle, product, or service that you rely on. You’ll be able to utilize the very same subject to complete demand 3, which asks you to provide a five-minute speech to your system.

To learn the principles of crafting an influential speech, watch this useful video:

Now that you know the components that go into a good discussion, it’s time to start detailing your very own suggestions. Currently, take a 2nd to write down a solitary assisting disagreement that you can craft your speech around.

Using the system described in the previous video clip, note down the main factors you’ll be covering.

Once you have a total rundown of the presentation you ‘d like to supply, it’s time to start exercising. In the next section, you’ll be learning just how to deliver an amazing discussion.

3. Write a five-minute speech and give it at group meetings

In preparing to talk to your counselor and also a group, you’ll require to learn the fundamentals of public speaking. The trick to efficient communication is self-confidence. Being confident in yourself and also your message will help you to encourage others.

Enjoy this video on discussion suggestions. (I understand it’ the exact same man, but his video clips give a few of the best communication info online. I’ve examined).

Have you ended up the video? Good! I ‘d suggest tape-recording on your own supplying the discussion a minimum of 3 times before delivering it publicly.

See each recording as well as take note of areas that you may be able to improve the following time around. Once you’re confident supplying your message, you’ll be prepared to total demands 2 as well as 3!

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4. Interview someone you know fairly well, like, or respect

Interview someone you know fairly well, like, or respect because of his or her position, talent, career or life experiences. Listen actively to learn as much as you can about the person. Then prepare and deliver to your counselor an introduction of the person as though this person were to be a guest speaker, and include reasons why the audience would want to hear this person speak. Show how you would call to invite this person to speak.

This is your possibility to conduct an exciting in-person interview! Assume of a few fascinating people that you ‘d easily be able to talk with.

Connect as well as discover one that would certainly want to tell you regarding their lives as well as experiences. Organize to satisfy at a time that deals with their schedule.

It’s time to start asking concerns as well as learning more about what makes this individual intriguing when you have actually discussed to them the merit badge demand! Some reliable inquiries you might ask to obtain the discussion flowing include:

  • Could you inform me regarding something in your life that you’re incredibly pleased with? What part of that has given you one of the most fulfillment throughout your life?
  • Do you have any type of guidance that you ‘d give to on your own when you were my age? Exactly how do you think that guidance would have altered the course of your life?
  • What are your primary guiding worths? What are things that you do, in your occupation or otherwise, that help you to endure those principles?

During the interview, you’ll want to take short notes on their most important points. Listen very closely, and also ask any kind of inquiries that might occur to you after they have actually finished speaking.

Afterward, you’ll require to meet with your therapist and recap the meeting. Throughout that time, you need to additionally introduce your interviewee as though they’ll be looking like a visitor audio speaker.

You’ve possibly seen talk show hosts skillfully present their visitors in the past. Steal their formula as well as offer an outstanding introduction to your interviewee by following these 5 actions:

  • Greet the audience: ‘Excellent night Scoutmaster Jeff! Today, I would love to introduce you to an impressive individual, my uncle, Rob.’
  • Praise your interviewee: ‘Rob is an amazing individual.’
  • Mention something unique about them: ‘He created a charity that, today, has fed over 150,000 youngsters in destitution!’
  • What will certainly the audience learn: ‘Tonight you’ll find out how Rob got rid of substantial difficulty to make his desire for assisting others a fact.’
  • Present the audio speaker: ‘Without additional trouble, let me present to you the one, the only, Robert Albert!’

Learning to introduce people is a wonderful skill to develop, and one that you’ll likely be using later on in your career!

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5. Attend a public meeting approved by your counselor

The fifth requirement of a communication merit badge is to attend a public meeting (city council, school board, debate) approved by your counselor where several points of view are given on one issue. Practice active listening skills and note carefully every point of view. Prepare an objective report that covers all points of view expressed, and share this with your counselor.

I would certainly advise attending your following school board conference, as the issues covered will certainly be really pertinent to you and also your education. You should be able to locate a routine of school board meetings on your college’s main website.

During the meeting, document each unique viewpoint you hear, as well as any sustaining disagreements that are stated. When meeting with your therapist in the future, you’ll require to discuss each perspective objectively.

Explain to your moms and dads a short recap of each perspective ahead of time so that it’ll be fresh in your mind when satisfying your merit badge counselor.

6. Develop a plan to teach a skill or inform someone about something

With your counselor’s approval, develop a plan to teach a skill or inform someone about something. Prepare teaching aids for your plan. Carry out your plan. With your counselor, determine whether the person has learned what you intended.

When completing this requirement, I made use of the EDGE method to teach first aid skills to my patrol. I ‘d advise that you teach a skill to your troop also, bringing along props to help direct them via a hands-on discovering process.

Enjoy this brief video on training with the EDGE method. I’ll be giving you a couple of ideas of abilities you could educate your troops!

Got it? The SIDE approach is a great means to show hands-on skills. If you require a little bit of inspiration on what to show to your army, here are a few of my ideas:

  • How to establish an outdoor tents
  • How to do different sorts of splints
  • How to tie the 7 standard Scouting knots
  • Exactly how to make the Fingerprinting merit badge
  • Exactly how to earn your Totin/Fireman/Cyber Chip
  • Exactly how to play a sporting activity or video game

After you have actually completed teaching, ask your team to demonstrate the skill without help.

That indicates you’ve done well if they’re able to do it without your assistance. Otherwise, you can utilize their mistake as a discovering minute, fix them, and then have them try it once more!

7. Do one of the following three choices

A. Write to the editor of a magazine or your local newspaper to express your opinion or share information on any subject you choose. Send your message by fax, email or regular mail.
B. Create a web page or blog of special interest to you (for instance, your troop or crew, a hobby, or a sport).. Include at least three articles or entries and one photograph or illustration, and one link to some other Web page or blog that would be helpful to someone who visits the Web page or blog you have created. It is not necessary to post your Web page or blog to the Internet, but if you decide to do so, you must first share it with your parents and counselor and get their permission.
C. Use desktop publishing to produce a newsletter, brochure, flier or other printed material for your scout troop, class at school, or other group. Include at least one article and one photograph or illustration.

To finish any one of these 3 alternatives, you’ll need to translate your concepts right into composing. Demand A will likely be the easiest, complied with by requirement 7C.

If you make a decision to compose a letter to an editor, keep in mind that less is more. I ‘d recommend keeping your letter’s length listed below 3 paragraphs.

When composing, if you want to be understood, you’ll need to reveal your ideas clearly and also briefly. View the adhering to the video clip for a few pointers on how to boost your writing. Avoid to (2:27) if you want to jump right into writing guidance.

When trying to connect successfully, whether you’re crafting an e-mail, creating a blog post, or speaking with an audience, the video clip recommends you exercise the following 4 rules:

  • Create Succinctly: Specify. Use fewer words whenever feasible.
  • Simplify Language: Stay clear of utilizing ‘big’ words unnecessarily.
  • Eliminate Lingo: Make your writing easy to understand to all visitors. Keep points easy.
  • Prevent Redundancy: If your sentence would certainly stay the same after removing a word, that word is thought about repetitive. When creating, stay clear of redundant words.

By maintaining these ideas in mind when finishing demand 7, you’ll be able to communicate your message successfully and also professionally. Remember, having the ability to write succinctly will aid you to reveal your ideas more plainly.

That’s why, even after earning your Communication merit badge, you must maintain trying to enhance your writing. Efficient communication is just one of the most valuable skills you can build!

8. Plan programs like campfires

Plan a troop or crew court of honor, campfire program, or interfaith worship service. Have the patrol leaders’ council approve it, then write the script and prepare the program. Serve as master of ceremonies.

To complete this demand, I planned and helped with an army court of honor. A court of honor will likely be the simplest option for you to complete the need also. By serving as the master of events, you’ll have a terrific possibility to practice your communication abilities and reveal confidence when openly talking.

Many troops currently have an enduring court of honor practice. When preparing your very own program, I would certainly suggest making small adjustments to the last-used manuscript. Consult with the boy scout that prepared your previous court of honor as well as ask for advice.

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9. Find out about three career opportunities in the field of communication

The final requirement of a communication merit badge is to find out about three career opportunities in the communication field. Choose one and find the education, training, and experience needed for this profession. Discuss this with your advisor, and explain why this profession might be of interest to you.

Human Resource Specialist

Within companies, personnel specialists assist to hire employees, onboard new staff members, develop training programs, and ensure that all firm policies are up today. Typically, most people in Human Resources have made at the very least a bachelor’s degree in communications.

HR experts have to be able to precisely judge an interviewee’s character and also interact clearly. They’re likewise commonly tasked with deciding and evaluating resumes on that to interview. This indicates that HR experts tend to throw away most returns to!


I make sure you already recognize what a YouTuber does! YouTubers create distinct video content that captivates, notifies, as well as engages their visitors.

Nevertheless, it isn’t very easy to create an occupation on Youtube. Ending up being a profitable YouTuber needs persistence, clear communication skills, and a business spirit.

Success on YouTube isn’t something that can be taught in schools. As a matter of fact, the substantial bulk of YouTubers are unable to make any kind of money from their channel.

Nonetheless, with persistence and also luck, some Youtubers are able to gain a full time living through the ad revenue as well as affiliate sales that come from their video clips.

Sales Representative

For a salesperson to be successful in their job, they’ll frequently require to skillfully communicate with clients and also develop rapport.

To be worked with as a salesman, the majority of people will certainly either need some experience in small-scale sales or a college level.

There are various types of salesman functions that range from retail sales in stores to enterprise sales between firms.

The major objective of a salesperson is to persuade customers to take a rate of interest in their item. A lot of salesmen are paid by payment, suggesting that the more the market, the greater their revenue will be.

As a sales representative, you can boost your skills and gain more cash by getting experience over time, or by reviewing publications for sale.


Awesome work getting this far! Communication is a tough merit badge to gain, yet it will instruct your abilities that you’ll make use of for a lifetime.

By creating your public speaking, concise writing, occasion preparation, and mentor abilities, you’ll someday become a recognized and capable leader.

Many thanks for boosting our earth via your involvement in Scouting

I might be a Mechanical Engineer on the paper, but I was an Eagle Scout enthusiast since childhood.